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Titan - White/Chrome/Grey £174.99 - £449.99

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Our Grading:

Grade 1+ Selected as the very top end of clefts that we get. Chosen for both aesthetic and playing qualities. 8 or more clear, straight grains of the face of the bat.

Grade 1 Usually 6-10 clear and straight grains with a near blemish free face of bat. Selected for both looks and performance.

Grade 2 Between 5 & 10 grains. Grains will be predominately straight. Any blemishes will be cosmetic and should not impact performance of the bat.

Grade 3 Although not always aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this grade of bat still packs great performance. 4-8 Grains which may be unevenly spaced and may run off the edges of the bat. Minor blemishes in and around the playing area of the face.

Grade 4 Usually between 4-6 Unevenly spaced grains. Blemishes and marks on the face that may impact performance.

Pushing the boundaries!!

All our cricket bats are made from the highest quality English Willow (Salix Alba Caerulea). We use age old techniques and traditions combined with cutting edge, state of the art technology to produce high performance, high quality cricket bats.

All our bats are made with power and performance in mind. We select each cleft to ensure edge and spine sizes are kept as big as possible. Edge sizes range from 36mm-40mm and spine size range from 60mm-67mm.